Matthew Day to Day

Outside of taking a full course load, I live and work in Regina. I am passionate about music, film, poetry, and food.

I cook at Hunter Gatherer Vegetarian Diner which is located at 1221 15th Avenue. We cook vegetarian style comfort food. The majority of the menu is also available vegan and/or gluten free, so we aim to be as inclusive as possible. I also work at T & A Vinyl and Fashion, a vintage clothes and record store located at 1603 Victoria Avenue, and Craft Services, a cafe that is located inside of the Mackenzie Art Gallery.

I play in a number of musical groups including These Estates, Failed States, The Spationauts, Pop Pop Vernac, Doubt It, and more. I love playing guitar, drums, and piano. These skills and incredible relationships that I have built and continue to nurture will be tantamount in helping me bring the arts to the youth of tomorrow, and the youth of tomorrow to the arts!