Assignment #1: Class Process Portfolio

September 10: Artistic Reflection based on our PLACE experience. Poetic inquiry is included in the collage.
eae302 class process portfolio entry 1.png

September 17: Artistic Reflection based on the seven grandfather teachings followed by Poetic Inquiry


TRUTH by matthew carr

What do we know?

Do we know what we do not know?

Our only deed is to be true to ourselves and all we know

I know that there is much I do not know

Honor those around me

Believe in myself and trust those around me

This new journey will be alright

September 24: Artistic Reflection based on self care plan followed by poetic inquiry.


CLARITY by matt carr

He said, “keep your space clean”

I know what ya mean, Dad

All of my cutouts and dried up paintbrushes, guitar strings and dirty glasses everywhere

How does a person THINK in such a mess!?

Minimal in my mind

Maximal in my heart and soul

Clarity and transparency, I organize my things for me

October 1: Artistic reflection based on how I feel about entering the classroom followed by Poetic Inquiry


DETECTIVE by matt carr

Inspector teacher on the case

Looking for my special place

Pencils, notebooks, papers, pens

Will I solve it? It depends

Do my best to get their names

I am a guest in their safe space

Come prepared and be amazed

Learning is a wonderful thing

October 8: Artistic Reflection based on the ways in which a teacher communicates on a daily basis. Artistic reflection is a song accompanied with poetic inquiry displayed in video.

October 15: Artistic Reflection based on assessment in the Arts Education classroom


ASSESS by matt carr

Its hard to asses art

Its about the process

Nobody is Picasso

Be yourself

Make your way through your heart

Its subjective

“I can do that”

Would you do it?

Explore your mind

Try new things

Step outside of yourself

October 22: Artistic Reflection based on Brene Brown’s 2017 SXSW Talk followed by Poetic Inquiry



She said the amount of pain you feel will be the amount of joy coming your way, one day

Well, now, I know that she needs a light, but should I tell her it may be dark for the rest of her life?

She said she could really use a friend; a kind heart and helping hand that can understand

Well, I told her I could be that man and then she told me she never wants to see me again

Keep the truth between your teeth and find your heart broken on your sleeve

Is it you or is it me? Well, I don’t know, maybe I should leave

October 29: Artistic Reflection that expresses my thoughts and curiosities on trauma-informed practices in the classroom.


HERE ON OUT by matt carr

Are you in one of your moods

Or are you rude for good, here on out?

I’ve never tried before

Why would I work for you here on out?

You’re always rolling your eyes

With me you’re in disguise, here on out

I know the back of your head

Just like the back of my hand, here on out

What does it mean to cry

Tears dripping into lies, here on out

November 12: Artistic Response expressing strategies to integrate trauma-informed practice into the classroom.


EVERY CLASSROOM by matt carr

Every classroom needs encouragement

Every classroom needs patience

Every classroom needs high expectations

Every classroom can house non-stop learning

Because every classroom has students experiencing trauma

November 19: SKIP

November 26: Art Reflection based on how self care is a part of professional responsibility.

pan fried snake eye.jpg

BAD HABITS by matt carr

Start the day off with chia, and end it with matcha-

Let’s not talk about the large bag of popcorn in between…


Assignment #2: PDP Log and In-class Reflection

**A little caveat: I have misplaced my yellow notebook that I kept all of my daily notes in while at the school, and I did most of my artistic reflections for assignment #2 in it as well (and one of my PDP forms was in it), so I am, unfortunately, missing a lot of content. I apologize for this! I am also saddened because, for one thing, these notes are very important to me as I develop into an educator, and for another thing, it was a very nice drafting notebook that was quite expensive and it had many pages left in it, and I had done some personal creative writing in it already.**

October 15

Our first day at the school was very exciting. I met a lot of the students, and we got to know the school. The classroom is very organized and the students are quite well behaved, thanks to Leanne.

Lesson plan for October 16 page 1

Lesson plan for October 16 page 2

PDP for October 15

Lesson plan for October 16 resources

October 22

My ELA/Creative Writing lesson was fun. We read an Emily Dickinson poem and a Sel Silverstein poem. I introduced the concept of a haiku, and we learned about figurative speech, specifically simile, metaphor, and personification. I intended on getting into first, second, and third person point of view as well, but I found that my lesson had enough elements to work with already without getting into point of view. It would make a great extension. I was surprised at some of the haikus the students had written. They are very creative and enjoy making up strange animals and drawing them.

Lesson Plan for October 23

PDP for October 23

Below is the worksheet I made for this lesson.

worksheet for music lesson on music notes beats and rhythm.jpg

October 29

I had jumped right into writing a music lesson as that is my favorite topic. The students had some difficulty at first, but after some activities, we were on rhythm very well. I was having difficulty keeping track of time, which is something I need to work on. I would like to get a watch again (my old one broke) so that I am not looking at the clock all day.

Lesson Plan for October 30

I have unfortunately lost my notebook and my PDP sheet for this day was in it.

Below is the worksheet I made for this lesson.

first worksheet for lesson 3.png

November 12

The previous day we were at St Nicholas was the day before Halloween, and our class, along with two other classes, took a trip in the morning to perform a dance they had learned to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at the Southland Mall. The energy was very bombastic this day. I was getting over an illness (and, as I later found out, adopting a new one) so I wasn’t in the best of spirits on the onset, but as the day went on, I became alot happier.


I had recently moved, and our place was a disaster and I was looking for things everywhere, plus our cat had been biting his own tail to the point of drawing plenty of blood for about a month at this point. For my art piece, I was doodling after spending the day at St Nicholas, and I was intending to draw a show poster for a show I was organizing, but I got carried away as my mind was elsewhere.

Lesson Plan for November 13

PDP for November 13

Below is the worksheet I made for this lesson.

second worksheet for lesson 3.png

November 19

Last week was a lot of fun. I concluded my three-part music lesson. The students really enjoyed the activities, and they started to delve into identifying polyrhythms which was a pleasant surprise.


My art piece this week was an improvised pizza/clock based on time/rhythm and the pizza theme I had in my music lessons. As I developed the form I chose to run with the burst of energy look and decided not to make it look more like a clock or a pizza. This felt right to me because facilitating the rhythm activities was very fun and I felt I had some great bursts of energy. That spark is very important and interesting to me when it comes to teaching, however, I must focus on my classroom management skills as well, and sometimes the high energy distracts me from focusing on maintaining that control.

Lesson plan for November 20

PDP from November 20

Scenarios and guiding statements

Below is a wanted poster I made for this lesson.


November 26

The health lesson that Lilly and I co-taught went off quite well. Keeping students on task and serious can be challenging, but it was nice to see that we had good intuition when dealing with class clowning. The drama activity was one of the struggles in this regard, because you want to foster creativity, and often it comes in the form of humor with students at this age, but the topics require a serious look and that must not be forgotten.

Lesson plan for November 27

PDP for November 27

Below are the worksheets and answer keys for the fifth and sixth graders. The world problems were for the fifth graders.

gr 5 div worksheet.png

gr 5 div answer key.png

division decimal worksheet gr 6.png

division decimal answer key gr 6.pngdivision word problems set answers.png

December 3

Last week was quite stressful for me. I challenged myself to teach a math lesson, which is an area outside of my comfort zone, and I froze a bit while teaching it. That being said, I learned a lot about what to watch for in regards to students’ needs, what strategies would work, and how to diversify activities to accommodate exceptional learners. I introduced the concept of division to them for this year, although some had seen it already, especially the sixth graders. The skill levels ranged from math wiz to absolute beginner. I tried some one-on-one time with some of the students that were struggling and I really enjoyed helping them grasp the concept. I wrote out the steps for long division on the board, but they tended on the side of the abstract, and models, videos, or some other visual tools would be much more efficient in instilling the concept and algorithms for the students.


This piece is supposed to be a sort of graphical representation of division.

Lesson plan for December 4

PDP for December 4

Below are the worksheets for this lesson. I stapled them all together and handed them out as “workbooks”.

anatomy of an atom.png

static electricity data sheet.png

experiments worksheet.pngconclusion worksheet.png

Here is a picture of Leanne’s classroom: